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Actinomycetes machine classification and parameters

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Actinomycetes machine classification and parameters

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Actinomycetes machine classification
Actinomycetes machines can generally be divided into active back twist actinomycetes, vertical power amp line machine, biaxial power amp line machine, biaxial drawing bulls active pay line machine disk, shaftless actinomycetes and other types of machines.
Actinomycetes initiative back twist machine, mainly with stranding machines actinomycetes, play pre-twist effect can be achieved in order to twist beam generations to meet customer requirements of small cross-sectional area of the wire.
Biaxial power amp line machine, mainly used for two cores twisted when you put a cord.
Biaxial drawing plate initiative put bulls-ray machine, suitable for multi-strand conductor actinomycetes, equipped for stranding machines and wire feeder discharge lines.
Shaftless actinomycetes machine for extruder plate put down with the cable lines.
Classification of the cable industry
Wire and cable industry, put the line machine can be divided into general and passive power amp line machine actinomycetes machine, power amp line machine includes: door-type power amp line, box-type power amp line, box-type power amp line, end shaft actinomycetes Longmen actinomycetes; passive actinomycetes machine is divided into: rejection barrel actinomycetes, the more side discharge lines. It is commonly used in the industry classification methods, different company's name is not the same in different countries is not the same night.
Actinomycetes main parameters
Main parameters of actinomycetes single wire, actinomycetes disk size, speed, tension control, control, dynamic power and other parameters.

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