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CTC equipment characteristics

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CTC equipment characteristics

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CTC equipment features:
CTC equipment and ordinary flat line has many advantages, and because of relatively small dimensions, reducing the manufacturing cost of the transformer. CTC device main features are: ① As a result of a plurality of small cross-section instead of a single large cross-section flat wire, reducing the loss of discrete field. ② comes with a plurality of parallel insulated single compared to the transposition enamelled wire is single, and film thickness compared to the previous paper insulation thickness to thin many, but the pressure is several times the paper insulation, coupled with public relatively thin paper insulation, insulation thickness, thus significantly reducing the size of the winding, effectively improve the utilization of space. ③ As the single transposition between the winding has a high mechanical strength. ④ Since the insulating thickness is thin, and therefore have a high thermal capacity. ⑤ Since the insulating thin film having good heat resistance, and therefore have a high thermal stability. ⑥ due to reduced artificial transposition, the winding winding process becomes simple, shortening the processing time of the winding. For CTC, the transposition wire wound around the wound is equivalent to a single multi-turn parallel flat line.

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