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On CTC device

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On CTC device

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CTC devices in recent years in the field of the transformer is widely used in the production of a new material. With the increase in capacity of the transformer winding wire cross-sectional area will also increase by a certain percentage. However, due to electrical losses indicators wire production process conditions and user conditions and many other factors, it is impossible to produce large cross-section of the wire. So many trees will lead people to consider used in combination. However, due to the coil wound around the inner and outer bend radius of the wire caused by a single type of wire of different lengths, so that each conductor of the electrical losses different, the resulting pressure drop is not the same. To solve this problem, people consider the combination of these individual conductors are arranged according to certain rules and pitch for mutual exchange position, so that each of them a single wire in the transformer of the technical environment in which the same total. This creates a new member of the winding wire ---- transposed conductor devices.
Now they use foreign Cape CTC device is a single high-quality multi-trees enamelled copper flat wire or flat wire wrapped in a dedicated CTC Equipment arranged sequentially switched positions transposition. Finally, after the transposition of the outer layer of a plurality of enameled technical specifications required by the user for multilayer insulation paper wrapping. CTC devices using transformers can significantly reduce the size, reduce losses.
At present, there are many manufacturers transposed conductor devices. If Until November 13, Baoding Tianwei Group Electric Power Wire Magnet Wire Company completed a workshop used by the company in Shenyang Transformer 17 tons transposed conductor equipment production tasks, the transposition of enameled wire processing equipment consists of 63 completed and 63 are wire company now can produce CTC device contains the ultimate root of the number, but also the cable company to become the first domestic production of root number over 63 of the transposed conductor equipment manufacturers, and to fill the gap.

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