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Winder structural characteristics of wire wheel combination

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Winder structural characteristics of wire wheel combination

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Winder structural characteristics of wire wheel combination
Wire wheel ceramic structure is out of the bearing sub live Board. When the wire, wire loop appearance walked in porcelain, ceramic rings with wire, wire rotation and therefore will switch from static friction sliding friction. However, starting and ending, in order to overcome inertia, there will be some sliding friction.
Wire wheel and porcelain eyes when using the difference is: porcelain eyes when using wire, cable and appearance is sliding friction, used in angle of the wire is small change, is less stressful, less demanding applications. Wire wheel static friction when applied mainly (www.wxmagna.com), used in wire, cable angle larger changes, there is a certain positive pressure, demanding situations. Recently, with the growth in processing technology, porcelain eyes shut tight situations can also be used, but must be explained to understand when ordering.
Porcelain ring appearance roughness of Ra 0.2, rotation jitter of less than 0.15, material selection 99 hundred percent AL2O3, hardness HRa 88, density level 3.85.
Wire wheel over the line is divided into rounds, ceramic pottery and anti jumper wire wheels. Wheel over the line structure is a ceramic ring and the bearing coupled with two nylon side panels on both sides, there are also direct application without side line called porcelain pottery wheel. Anti jumper is structured on both sides of the bearing ring and porcelain coupled with two side plates porcelain pottery and porcelain pottery side plates with an anti-hook, or balls, to avoid silk, porcelain ring out of the top line.

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