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Vertical 4 wrap machine

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Vertical 4 wrap machine

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Vertical 4 wrap machine

1, consists of local:
Facility consists put hair device, bare conductor cleaning, straightening device, wrapping and pinch roller towing unit, gross income means movable, mechanical drive train
And other local systems and electrical curb.
  2, the structure unique place:
Facilities subject to vertical by a system of four self-paracytic composition, can produce with the same specifications can also be produced unless a different product specifications. Host-phase AC inverter motor, closing line may consider appropriate to use the torque motor, set up three groups per head around Baotou, suitable for production of small and medium size copper, aluminum garden flat paper covered wire, imide film wrapping line, (www. wxmagna.com)
3, the main technical parameters variables:
Production range:
Line a flat edge 0.8-3.8 mm
b-sides 2.0-8.5 mm
Circle Line ∮ 1.8-5.0 mm
Around Baotou count: 3 per head group (n = two trays)
Produced heads: 4
Line speed: 4-8 m / min
Dimensions (Host): 3250x1000x2500
  Uniform Yield: single head aluminum paper covered wire 210kg/20h
Each head power: 3KW / h

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