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Stranded wire wrap mechanic safety rules

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Stranded wire wrap mechanic safety rules

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Stranded wire wrap mechanic safety rules
1. Always wear good preparedness parade author protective equipment, female workers to pull into braids turban, the cuff child clothes can not be fastened gently flowing, avoid getting involved in facilities, resulting in an accident.
2. Start facility, the facility should be the safety investigation, preparedness protection devices, close parking devices, limit switches, signaling devices, etc. are in good condition. LP before driving test, when the facilities are functioning properly before from slow to fast, speed driving.
3. Should concentrate while driving, you can not fight and watching books and periodicals. Wrap machine near smoking.
4. Try to take care of each network, try to take care cover should be complete easy to use. Trench cover to put in prison, be careful not to touch the rotating local pick hit. By car, you should first turn off the protective cover paper Baotou preparedness good.
5. Electrical wiring junction boxes, switch boxes, etc. must be intact, conductors can not explicitly exposed.
6. Facility operation, the non-oil lubricants, inspection repair and wiping facilities, but also within the region are not allowed in the facility clean and sanitary.
7. Line tension disc tray to complete easy to use, on-line cable tray should be firmly fixed to the cap card.
8. Prohibited by hand and hand to help move the paper Baotou parking. On paper with the big screw tightened.
9. On-line investigation to always hoist limit switch to acuity, wire rope to be strong intact, otherwise not allowed to use.
10. You can not use electric hoist swash plate hanging wire or cable tray prior to hanging in the deserted, lifting the bottom of the line set was allowed to stand or pass.
11. Check the repair facility or swap gear, be sure to put the machine down the main switch before implementation.
12. I speak in the production process can not rotate the tool on the site, should be neat and smart at the specified location, so embroiled cause accidents.
13. Offline disk should pay attention to whether the stumbling block channel material, and shall hold office nearby notice people leave.
14. Driving, give the signal. Captain and deputy to look after each other in the machine next to the front idlers and no matter when you can only drive without stumbling.
15. Operating joint machine, be sure to wear eye protection children preparedness to prevent sparks and splashing metal grains damaged eye.
16. When I leave the machine operator, the machine should be cut off the power

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